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Chris' Gift

The image of Santa's hand holding an ornament popped into my head for this surface, but I needed a “model” for the pattern, so I asked my dear husband, Chris, to don a mitten and hold an ornament so I could take pictures. Mind you this was in June, so it wasn't cold weather! And I made him turn this way and that for me to capture several images to decide which one I liked the best. As is his way, he never complained and did as I asked. Santa is sometimes referred to as Kris Kringle; but since my Chris is such a gift to me, I wanted to honor him and thus you have the name of this design. Chris passed away in November 2020, so this design means more to me now and I would like to share Chris' gift with you.


3 photos and step-by-step color worksheet

Physical packet $9

E-packet $7

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