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Please join us for classes via Zoom! Paint in your pajamas in your own home! We are also accepting contracts to teach at painting groups, retreats, conventions, either in-person or via Zoom. Looking forward to painting with you!

Adore, Joy, Peace

Adore, Joy, Peace

A Barbara Bunsey design


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Paint these three ornaments with us at ToleTown! I fell in love with these ornaments from Sharon Cook and just had to paint them! Adore is for the newborn Babe, of course. Joy is for the joy I experience when I see softly falling snow and snow-covered trees. Peace is how I feel when I see sheep. If you are a member of ToleTown, head over to the site for your class! If you want to join our fun community, click the Sign Up Here button to become a neighbor and have access to this and so many other wonderful classes and projects. Looking forward to painting with you!

To see samples of some video classes, please visit the Calico Goose YouTube page . We have included two of my favorites here for your convenience.

Comma strokes and S-strokes

A short video showing how to do comma strokes and S-strokes in decorative painting.

Floating Color with Acrylics

Tips and techniques on floating color with acrylic paints.