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In Colonial Williamsburg, a checkerboard pattern was used on signposts outside of establishments to symbolize the entertainment and joy to be found inside. Likewise, we use a checkerboard to border our "sign" as we welcome you to experience the entertainment and joy to be found in our services, whether you are seeking finished goods, patterns for projects, or instruction in decorative painting. Our investment of time, talent, and tenderness results in an entertaining decorative painted treasure which brings timeless delight and gratification.


Fruits of the Spirit - Summer

We offer a variety of finished artwork for sale, along with a wide variety of pattern packets so that you can create your own finished artwork. You can purchase our finished pieces directly from our secure website, or you can purchase our patterns so that you can create your own artwork.



I love to teach and share my designs and techniques with you. I am teaching Zoom classes at Artful Webinars; we'd love to have you come join us. I also love to teach in person or via Zoom at painting chapters, painting groups, retreats, conventions, etc. Please visit our Classes page to see our upcoming classes.

Food and Fun

Since 1993, I have hosted an ornament exchange party for my students at our home. I love to cook and bake some favorite, along with some new, recipes! Here, I'll share with you some of my favorite recipes from those gatherings, from starters and soup to the main course and dessert.

I love to garden, as well, and I'd love to share some pictures of the gorgeous flowers growing in our gardens.

Apricot Brandy Cake


As an artist, I feel like I am helping God with His creation. Although most of my designs are not “religious,” I feel as though they are divinely-inspired. I feel God's hand on mine as I create and share my joy in His creation with you. I have realized many of my designs are about creation—flowers, fruits, nature—all parts of Creation.

Thomas Merton