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Welcome Angels

This is the story about how these angels came to be: I received a box of tin from Della Wetterman. I opened it to look at my treasures, found these tin "angels", and thought how great flowers would look on their dresses. Being busy, I put them back in the box until I had time to work on them. When I pulled them out again, I realized--ahem!--these tin surfaces are actually pineapples! But I went with my first inclination and here they are. Enjoy painting these for your seasonal tree, gifts, or just because! With the purchase of a pattern, you can also purchase the video class on painting this design, including the paint-graining for $7. Simply email us at and attach your receipt and we will send you an invoice to purchase the video. Once paid you will be sent the link to the video. A fun way to paint along with us!


7 photos and step-by-step color worksheet

Physical packet $14

E-packet $7

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